Monday, June 14, 2010

Ride home from Anniston, AL

When I got done with my training class in Anniston, AL at 10:30am on June 11, 2010 I took the long way home. I did not have to be at Liberty Park until 7:00pm to see my daughters softball game so I took a ride.

I left Anniston and we north on Hwy 21 to Peidmont, AL where I got on Hwy 9 north to Centre, AL. In Centre, AL I went east on Hwy 68 to Gaylesville, AL where I picked up Hwy 35 and took it north till I got to Little River Canyon. If you have never been to Little River Canyon you really need to go. It was a great ride. I headed west on hwy 176 which is called Little River Canyon Parkway. This road runs along the side of the canyon and has a lot of curves and over looks into the Canyon.

I stayed west on hwy 176 and made several stops at the over looks. I stayed on Hwy 176 until I hit hwy 68 and I took it west to Collinsville, AL where I picked up I59 and headed south. I stayed on I59 till I got to I759 where I went west to Rainbow City, AL. I ate a late lunch in Rainbow City on hwy 25 south. After lunch I stayed south on Hwy 25 till I turned south again on Hwy 77 to Talladega Super Speedway.

When I left Talladega Superspeedway I went west on I20 and got off in Leeds, AL and stopped at the Bass PRo Shop to cool down for a little while. It was over 95 degress and humid so I needed a little break. When I left Bass Pro Shop I got on Rex Lake Rd and stopped at Barbers Motor Sports Complex.

I stayed on Rex Lake Rd. when I left Barbers until I got to Libery Park. I stayed there for a couple of hours and watched my daughters softball game before heading on home. I got onto I459 west to I59/20 west towards Tuscaloosa.

Over all it was a good day of riding. It got a little warm and I got some sun. I had covered a little over 300 miles. It was not a lot of miles but more of a enjoyable day of riding.

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