Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Ride to Chicago, IL

After I returned from Daytona Beach I started thinking about getting a Bunkhouse Camper to pull behind my wing. In June of 02 I rode my wing to Chicago, IL to get my camper. This was a good trip and the first I took by myself.

I planned on leaving at about 7:30am, but since I was working midnights and could not sleep I went ahead and left about 3:00am. The total distance of the trip there and back was 1600 miles. I went up on I65 but came back on I55 through Memphis, TN. On the way up I stopped off in Bowling Green, KY to get gas and was robbed of my key. I was taking a little break and a guy came up and asked me for a dollar to get a drink. I told him I had some Mt. Dews in my cooler and he said he wanted a dollar. I told him I was not going to give him a dollar to get beer. He crabbed my key out of the ignition and said “give me a dollar if you want your key back” I told him to give me my key or I was going to kick his butt. He took off running and I chased him and tackled him in a field and got my key back. The clerk in the store had seen him bothering me and called the cops. They pulled up just as I was tackling him. They came over and put him in cuffs, to make a long story short he was wanted in Louisville, KY for robbery so I did not press charges so I would not have to come back for court and all that junk. I got back on my wing and headed north towards Chicago. When I got to Chicago it was raining and I was in the middle of the worst traffic I had ever been in. But I finally made it to the factory and picked up my Bunkhouse camper.

When I left Chicago I headed south and picked up I55 to head towards Memphis. I was going to ride until I got tired. By this time it was about 6:30p. I had already been riding over 15 hours. Somewhere between Chicago and St. Louise it started pouring down rain and traffic got real slow, so I turned on the CB and found out a truck had turned over in the road and the interstate was shut down. So I got off and found a hotel. It was about 10:00p before I found a hotel. It had been almost 18 hours since I left my house and I was needing sleep anyway. I got me a bite to eat and went to sleep.

I woke up around 4:00am in the morning and took back off for Tuscaloosa, AL. The rest of the trip was pretty much just riding. I found that the trailer will slow you down a little bit but no a lot. I got home before my kids got home from school. So the way I figure it I was gone approx 35 hours, after sleeping and picking up my camper I figure I rode for 26 hours and covered 1600 miles. The funny thing about it was when I got home I would have gone again. When I got done with this ride I started looking into doing a Ironbutt ride.

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