Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My first trip on my new wing.

I got to take my first short trip on my new wing on 6/8/10 to Anniston, AL. I had to go to a school in Anniston for 3 days and got to ride my new wing so I took the long way.

I left around 2:30p and went east on hwy 82 until I got to Brent, AL where I picked up hwy 25 and went north. I took hwy 25 all the way through Childersburg, . In Childersburg I took hwy 76 north until I got to hwy 21. I stayed on hwy 21 north until I saw a sing that said Mt. Cheaha. I went east on a small country road and went up to Mt Cheaha which is the highest point in Alabama. I rode over over Mt. Cheaha and got on hwy 9 and headed north until I got to hwy 431. I followed hwy 231 north until I reached I20. I took I20 west back to Anniston. I got to the hotel at about 6:30. I had ridden approx 200 miles.

This was a good short trip for my first time taking a road trip on my wing again. It was just long enough to get the feel of being in the saddle again but not to long. This is the second day here and it rained this afternoon and more rain to come, I had planned on riding up north to Little River Canyon but maybe tomorrow I will.

I took some photos of my bike up on Mt Cheaha. I will post them when I get home.

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