Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Ironbutt Ride

In March on 03 Adam Nix and I took off on our first and his last Ironbutt ride. He rode a VTX and I was on my GL1500. We had been talking about the route we were going to take for about a month and we came up with a big loop that would take us over 2000 miles in 2 days. When you do a ironbutt ride you have to get everything documented with witnesses when you leave and keep all you reciepts and keep up wth your milage. You have to time your eating and gas stops and stay on schedule. You can see all the rules and stuff at the ironbutt web site. There is a link on this blog page. IF you are going to do one you better plan good and stick to your plan. Also as Adam found out you need to be on the right bike.

We took off at 6:00am in the morning from Lowes on 69in Tuscaloosa, AL and went north on 69 until we got to Northport, AL and went west on 82 into Mississippi, We stayed on 82 until we hit I55 north and took this to MEmphis, TN where we got on I40 west and went into Arkansas. We stayed on I40 west throuhg Little Rock, AR and on into Oklahoma until we got to Oklahoma City, Ok wehn we got on I35 and went south into Texas. Sometime between Ok City and the TC state line it got dark. We stayed on I35 south and went through Dallas and south of Waco, Tx before we stopped for our sllep break. During this first day of the ride Adam had figured out a way to tie a shoe string around his throttle so he had kinda a cruise control. IT worked pretty good. THe first day had been a good ride, no rain and no problems. We had eaten fastfood at our stops to so we could make good time. We got to bed about 11:00 and slept good.

We got up the next morning and hit the road again around 6:00am and went south on I35 and stopped in Austin, TX to eat and then went onto San Antonio, Tx Where we picked up I10 and finally started to head back east and go home. WE stayed on I10 east all the way through Houston, TX and into LA. When we got back to MS we took I59 north towards Meridian, MS and then crossed back into Alabama. It started to rain on us in Meridian and we kept going.W finally got back to Lowes where we had started around 2:00am> We had hit some traffic and the rain had slowed us dwon so we did not make as good of time the second day ans we had the first. We both went home and planned on meeting the nextr day and getting all of our stuff together abd sending it in.

We got together the next day and got our stuff together and sent it in. A few weeks later we recieved our certificate in the mail along with a pin and patch. Adam said he would not do anotherr Ironbutt ride on his VTX. I on the other hand was already thinking about another one.We had rode a total of 2051 miles in under 48 hours. Ypu can go to the Ironnbtt web site and we are both on there for doing this ride.

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