Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2nd Ironbutt Ride

I did not take my second ironbutt ride until August 05. I had taken several trips between this ride and the last. I had gone back to Daytona bike week again, North Carolina to a Christian Motorcycle state rally,Arkansas to another CMA rally, and to Knoxville to the Honda Hoot. I also purchased a new 03 Honda GL1800 wing from Honda of Tupelo.

My seconds ironbutt ride I decided to go farther out west and take about 4 days to cover approx 4500 miles in 4 and half days by myself. I left out of Tuscaloosa and took I59 west and stopped in Jackson, MS to watch my daughter play a softball game. After the game I headed out on I55 north and went to Memphis, TN where I got on I40 west and stopped about 30 miles west of Memphis, TN in AR to sleep.

I got up and hit the road at 5:00am and go back on I40 west and went through AR and into OK. I crossed into TX and in Amarillo, TX i got on Hwy 87 north and stayed on this through NM. In NM I got onto I25 north and went into CO. I stopped in Pueblo, CO and slept. I got to the hotel about 11:00 local time and went to sleep.

I got up at 5:00am the next morning and kept going north on I25 until I got to Cheyenne, WO where I got onto I80 west and went across WO into the Rockies. I rode west on I80 until I got to Rock Springs, WO where I went north on Hwy 191. I stayed on hwy 191 into Pinedale, WO where I got onto Hwy 189 which I followed over into Idaho where I picked up I15 north in Idaho Falls. O rode north on I15 through Idaho until I hit I90 and turned back east on I90 and into Montana. I stayed On I90 and rode across Montana and back into Wyoming until I finally got to Gillette, Wo where I found a hotel and went to sleep at about 11:30. This was one of the pretties scenery rides I have ever been on. The Rockies are awesome. IF you have never been out west to the Rockies you need to go.

The next morning I got up and hit the road again at 5:00am. I continued east on I90 and crossed over into South Dakota. In Spearfish, Wo I got on Hwy 85 and went north into North Dakota. When I got to Bowman, ND i headed back east on hwy 12. I stayed on hwy 12 and went back into SD until I got to Selby, SD where I went south on hwy 83 and took hwy 83 south to get back to I90 in Vivian, SD. I took I90 east to Sioux Falls, SD and kept going east into Minnesota. In Liverne, MN I went south on Hwy 75 and into Iowa. I stayed south on Hwy 75 south and went through Sioux City and into Nebraska. I stayed om hwy 75 south through Nebraska and into Kansas until I reached Topeka, KS where i went east on I70 and went to Kansas City, Mo. I went about 45 miles east of Kansas, City, Mo and found a hotel at about 1:00am. I was very tired and really needed to sleep.

I got up on my fourth day of riding at 8:00am and went east on I70 till I got to St. Louis where i picked up I55 south and took it to Memphis, Tn. In Memphis I got on Hwy 78 and headed east to Tupelo, MS where I picked up Hwy 45 south. I took hwy 45 south until I got to Columbus, MS where i went east on hwy 82 and was finally back in Alabama. I stayed on hwy 82 east until I reached Northport, AL where I turned south on hwy 69 and took this to my home. I got home around 9:00pm and was ready to get into my own bed.

I had hit 18 states in a little over 4 days and gone a little over 4500 miles. I did not keep receipts or turn this in the the ironbutt association. I did not need another patch or pin. I just did this one to do it. I had a lot of fun and had taken a few little side trips along the way. I went to Pikes peak and Devils tower. I also saw the bad lands. i had not hit any bad weather just a little rain. I did learn to always bring a jacket. I got up one morning and it was 37 degrees in August, I never thought that would happen but I did have a sweatshirt and it kept me warm enough.

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