Friday, May 21, 2010

A little about me and my love for Goldwing’s

I just thought I would let everybody know a little about my history of riding motorcycles. I got my first street bike when I was 16, it was a 83 Honda Shadow 500. My father helped me purchase it and he also got a motorcycle, his was a Suzuki 650. Besides riding around town a lot we took 2 trips. We lived in Fairfax, VA and our first trip was approx 100 miles away to Skyline Drive. We camped for a few days. The second trip we took was from Fairfax, Va to Avon, NC, approx 320 miles away. This was a long ride on a little bike, it took about 7 hours to get there and I was ready to get off. The ride home was even worse, it started raining on us about 140 miles from home and we rode the rest of the way in pouring down rain. I did not have a windshield or anything. It was terrible. But I look back on these 2 trips and the riding we would do around Northern, VA and smile, we really had a good time riding together. I wish he had not sold his and still rode.

We did not take anymore trips on our bikes and I graduated from HS and moved to Memphis, Tn where I still rode but just around town. In 1989 I moved to Rockwall, TX and in in 1993 I sold my motorcycle because I had gotten married and we had a kid on the way and I never had time to ride. But riding was in my blood and I loved it so I knew one day I would get another one.

In 1994 I got a job with the Tuscaloosa Police Dept so we moved again. The day finally came in 2001 when I got me another Honda Shadow but a 1100 this time. I mostly rode around town and would take little trips. I took a ride up to Waterloo, AL to meet up with the big motorcycle ride” The Trail Of Tears”. I had never seen so many bikes. This ride happens every year and if you have never seen it you should go at least once.

I had the Shadow 1100 for about 6 months when me and my wife went on a Charity ride and talked to a man named Ronnie Barton who was on a Goldwing. My wife said she sure would be more comfortable on a bike like that. Ronnie said he had another one at home that he was selling if I wanted to look at it. I went the next day and looked at it and rode it and fell in love with it. It was a 1996 GL1500. Over the next few days I got the money together and purchased it and sold my Shadow to a friend of mine. This was the start of a love of Goldwings and long distant riding.

In my next Blog I will tell about my first road trip to Daytona on my 1996 GL1500.

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