Friday, May 28, 2010

02 trip to Dayton Beach, FL.

In February 2002 Ronnie Barton, Thom Stephens, Johnny Cook and I took off for Bike Week in Daytona Beach, FL. We all met a Ronnie’s house in Duncanville at 7:00am with plans to leave by 7:30am, but if you know Ronnie we did not leave to a little after 8:00am. This was my first long trip to take, it was almost 600 miles, I was excited to be going. Ronnie road his GL1500 wing with a side car pulling a camper, Thom rode his Valkrie pulling a camper, Johnny and I both were on GL1500 wings.

When we left it was raining so we put on our rain gear and took off going east on hwy 82, our first stop was in Prattville, AL approx 90 miles. We got gas and a little snack and left staying east on 82, we went through Montgomery, AL and hit hwy 231 southand rode all the way to Dothan, AL where we stopped for lunch. Before we left Dothan we filled up with gas and got back on 231 south and went into FL and got on I10 east. We stayed on I10 until we went south on I75 and got off on hwy 90 and went east for a few miles and then turned onto hwy 100 east and went to Keystone heights, Fl where we went to the Christian Motorcycle Association’s Florida State Rally. We stayed her for 2 days.

While we were at the rally we went to a worship service both nights. They had some real good singers and a good preacher. We watched a lot of the people at the rally play motorcycle games, like the slow race and the weenie bite. I can not remember anybodies name but I met a lot of nice people. But we had been there for a complete day and I wanted to get back to riding.

We got up early and hit the rode, we started off east on hwy 100 and took a lot of back roads, Thom came over the CB and asked if we could smell the Oranges. I had not noticed it until he said something but you could smell them. This is something you could never get in a vehicle. We rode until we hit I95 south and were about 45 miles north of Daytona Beach. We rode about 35 miles south of Daytona to Mims, FL and set up camp in a friends of Ronnie’s yard. We had made it to our final destination for the next few days before me and Johnny were going to have to go home.

While we were in Daytona we rode a lot everyday. We would ride from one area of town to another. We went and saw a lighthouse and went to Main st. and walked around and saw all the motorcycles. One of the days Ronnie said he knew a good place to eat some good seafood that was only an exit north on I95. Well he as wrong it was in Flagler Beach, I am not sure but I think from where we were at it was almost 50 miles. So for dinner that night we rode over 100 miles before we got back to Mims late that night. It was great.

Johnny and I had to get back to Tuscaloosa earlier then everybody else so we left one morning around 5:00a and made the 600 mile trip in about 10 hours. We would stop every 150-175 miles for gas and get a snack and go. We stopped around 11:30 and went in a B.Q. place to eat for about 30 min and then went all the way to T-town. It was a great trip. It was when we got done with this ride that I realized how much I love the long ride. I thought to myself I could go for another 500 miles before I got tired. This was a great trip and if you have never been to Bike week in Daytona Beach you really need to go at least once if you love motorcycles.

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